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I can’t tell you how excited and honored I am to be joining Vince here on The RELM Network. Actually, I can. I am beyond ecstatic. Since August of last year, I have had the opportunity to be a contributing member to this wild ride called The Brand. It is only going to get better from here.

For those unfamiliar with me, I do have a background in wrestling - but I consider myself an entertainment guy. My content on the old site covered many forms of pop culture including television, movies, comic books, sports, and of course wrestling. I’m going to bring the same enthusiasm for those topics here to The Relm Network.

One wrestling feature that I did for The Brand members on the old site was called the Daily Dirt Roundup where Vince and I commented on the usually ridiculous news and rumors that hit the dirt sheets. We plan to continue covering “the dirt” on a weekly podcast here on The Relm Network. You all know how much more entertaining it is to actually hear Vince comment on things, so I think this will take the Roundup to a new level.

Vince is still looking for characters to join us as part of the Ham -N- Eggers. If you have a big personality, are entertaining on audio and video, and like to have fun PLEASE submit yourself to be considered by emailing [email protected] with information or a video about you.

Further information about me can be found at my website TheJeffLane.com including my background and some of my favorite articles that I wrote on the other site. I included perhaps my most popular article - which was about actress April Billingsley - where I uncovered something that she did that had never been done in the history of television. Also, please throw me a follow on Twitter: @JeffLane22

I’m glad you have all followed us here to The Relm Network. Vince Russo’s The Brand is a family I’m proud to be a part of. I’d like to finish this first piece with a huge thank you to Vince Russo, The Relm Network, Joe Locastro, and of course all of you for your support. We’re just getting started.

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