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I can’t even imagine being a grown adult and sitting behind my keyboard and spewing out words of ugliness, hatred, filthiness and STANK to people who I don’t even know on twitter---especially if those people are in the public eye. Don’t understand that, and never will. What is it? Is it a feeling of power, or superiority to sit back and attack someone through a computer screen knowing that there are no consequences to pay, other than to be BLOCKED the second your words hit the screen? What’s in it for these people, honestly? What’s the payoff---satisfaction?

For years I didn’t want to have anything to do with social media, for the exact reasons I’m typing about here. I know there are droves of people out there who “personally” hate me over one meaningless wrestling angle, or another, but to actually have to hear, and deal with those people---is a mark of a whole different color. That’s why I never did it. I hate negativity. It brings me down and there is nothing good that comes out of it. My decision to become a part of social media was a necessity—it’s the only way to let those that DO follow me---know what I’m doing.

But yeah, there are TWITS on TWITTER. Absolute mindless and brainless idiots who are just sitting there waiting to attack. Yesterday was a perfect example---I woke up and decided that I was going to give a few of my professional opinions on what I thought of the ending of RAW Monday night. Having been there, and done that—for many years---there is just a touch of experience that goes into my thoughts. So I tweeted with a bit of embellishment---yeah, that’s where the entertainer in me comes in. I even suggested that at 70 years-old, it may be time for the “Mighty” Vince McMahon to step down. And, that I meant. Who can be successful in television in 2015, when the audience your attempting to grab is less than half your age? How could you possibly know what THEY want? It’s real simple---you can’t. I’m 16 years younger than Vince and I would certainly fall short. However, at least I have a 20 year-old living under my roof who does indeed give me a front row seat to the psyche of “Generation Me”. Vince doesn’t even have that.

But---back to point---the TWITS on TWITTER. Who knew that my innocent, entertaining remarks would bring on such a bevy of hate bombs? Who knew that talking about PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING would incite something in some people so infuriating that they would have to absolutely crucify the author of those said comments? WHO? I have to ask . . . what kind of a life do you really have to be leading to take absolute joy out of personally attacking others over comments made regarding WRESTLING no less. Now, can you understand why I’m trying to wean myself from that world? Life is just too freakin’ short for this absolutely meaningless trite. Yeah, we can agree to disagree all day long, but is it impossible to be civil about it? Writing this I’m realizing how much I’m wasting my time with every letter I punch, but damn, can’t we just make an attempt to respect one another? Could you imagine how different this entire GOD-forsaken world would be if we did? Well, I guess I can still dare to dream, because TWITS are always going to be TWITS, but still, I’d love to hear from one of them explaining exactly what it is that their hatred achieves. Wait . . . let me guess . . . “DAVID ARQUETTE WINNING A FAKE BELT IN A FAKE FIGHT KILLED A FAKE BUSINESS!” How could I forget?

Lift up . . . . don’t put down. It’s real easy---try it, you’ll like it. It will make you a better human being for it. Are we not going to lose it and flip our lid here and there---of course we are---I suppose even I did with the Vince retirement comment---but, that comes with being human. As humans we will always fall short---but, that’s OK. What matters is do we get back up on that horse and try again . . . or . . . just remain a TWIT on TWITTER? ACTIONS will always speak louder than WORDS.


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