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It has been two days since I wrote a scathing live review of Raw and I’m no less angry now as I was then about the pathetic creative effort put forth by the WWE. After the go-home (final) Raw before WrestleMania 31, we are at the exact same spot in the storylines as we were before the show even started. You could have missed the entire episode this past Monday and be completely caught up for Sunday. How does this happen with the lead-in show for the biggest event of the year from the biggest wrestling company in the world? I have no idea. I stopped trying to comprehend their logic (or lack thereof) long ago.

It is important to note that I have zero criticisms for the talent here. This is ALL on creative. I don’t care if it is all twenty-some writers or Vince McMahon himself, whoever wrote Monday’s Raw should be embarrassed and absolutely ashamed of themselves. Six of the seven matches were mishmashes of upcoming

Besides being meaningless, the show was also juvenile and boring. The most entertaining bit involved Burger King. We had grown men climbing a ladder to steal a belt that wasn’t on the line (not to mention the lack of logic as to why the belt was hanging in the first place), and we also had two grown men playing tug of war over the WWE Championship. One might say that this proves that the show is written for children, but then I question as to why a show written for children would have Hulk Hogan make a marijuana reference? Not only do they not have a clue as to a creative direction, they don’t even know who they want to market their product to. Tears for Fears said it best: “I can’t stand this indecision married with a lack of vision.”

I have now completely lost any faith I had left in the WWE to entertain me if they can’t even put on an average show the week of WrestleMania. I caution everyone to not get over excited and get their hopes up after Sunday. I have no doubt that the show will be incredible because the roster will go out there and take care of business like they usually do on WWE PPVs. There won’t be much of an opportunity for creative to bungle the show. I usually think after a strong PPV that the WWE is turning the corner, but now I’ve learned the pattern. A strong PPV has no effect on future Raw programs.

The people that are writing Raw should be the best professional wrestling writers in the world. Instead, we have people collecting a paycheck that are putting out scripts that any child could write. Is that the case? Have Triple H and Stephanie McMahon passed the creative duties on to their children to get them ready for the future? With the quality of programs I am watching on a weekly basis from the WWE I would absolutely believe it.

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