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Good morning, all! It’s not yet 6:30 here in the Colorado Rockies, and I’m up and at em’ as I wanted to leave you with a blog prior to me leaving to San Jose for WrestleMania weekend. Man, just typing that seems weird. Even though I’m not “really” going to be associated with WM over the weekend, just being “around” it is going to be a little weird for me. I haven’t participated, or even watched for that matter, a Mania since 1999, and that’s an absolute shoot. As I’ve stated many times before---since Ed and I were heavily involved in the Attitude Era, I really haven’t been a fan of wrestling. Back then, I couldn’t even wait to get back to the office to view what we had done on Monday nights, but since, it’s really been nothing more than I job.

And, that’s sad---it just is. I never purposely lost my passion---I just did. When I felt that people in the industry just stopped caring---I guess so did I. It’s tough to put your heart, soul and passion into something when those producing it just seem content with settling with mediocrity---that’s something that I will never understand . . . or accept. That’s why my fire for baseball never dies---guys are busting their butts every day striving to win, but, more importantly---their managers and management are doing their jobs to assist in achieving that goal.

Speaking of baseball, next week I’m going to be fulfilling a decade old dream---the RELM Network has given me my own show---Who’s on First: Vince Russo’s Fantasy Baseball---that will be debuting on their network next Wednesday (time yet to be determined). Monday, through Friday, I will be giving you tips on how to conquer your fantasy baseball league with the help of the expertise of myself and my panel of experts. My first guest on Wednesday will be none other than “Irish” Pat Kenney, aka “Simon Diamond” of ECW fame. A former stand-out collegiate catcher, Pat knows the game better than perhaps any one I know.

Next week, I’m also looking forward to discussing one of my all-time favorite bands, Fleetwood Mac, who I’ll be going to see at the Pepsi Center in Denver on Wednesday night. Do they still have it? Despite my soft spot I sure as heck hope so because you know I will call them on it if they don’t.

And also, a few added treats for you come Monday. For starters, a special edition of a Bucket Full of Chicken Necks, that I will hold off on until then so I can give you all the details of my Mania trip, AND---the RETURN of the Russo on RAW podcast, as I’m going to give the WWE yet another chance, and start fresh going into the new wrestling season. All this you will find on the RELM Network at vincerussobrand.com, as we prepare for our official launch in a couple of weeks.

I’ve got to be honest with you. There are some nerves as it relates to this trip knowing that practically every wrestler who ever laced up a pair of boots will be in the San Jose area. They all flock to Mania, being there is money to be had there when the show is in town. Being around “the boys”? This is where I have to start playing. “who do I have heat with”? Who has an axe to grind with me because when I was writing they never got the phantom “push” that they think they deserved? Who has let their professional opinion of themselves turn to a personal distain towards me because I was the guy who “held them back”---in their minds of course? Who worked with me show, after show, after show, but never said a word TO ME---only AGAINST me when I was no longer there to defend myself?

This is the game that still has to be played at my age and I absolutely LOATH it. If it were up to me, every man, woman and child that I ever wrote for would have been a main eventer---but unfortunately it just doesn’t work that way. So---I’m the bad guy, I’m the one to blame, I’m the one who didn’t see what they saw. Yup---as the Brothers Wilson once said, “FUN, FUN, FUN!”

Hit you up as soon as I can. Peace, my friends.

(Be sure to check out my column on WrestleMania XIV that posted yesterday on wrestlezone.com).

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