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To all current, past, and future members of The Brand,

September is an exciting month here at VinceRussoBrand.com as we celebrate our sixth month on The RELM Network and the debut of Vince Russo’s Sports Entertainment: Ham N’ Eggers Preferred on iHeartRadio/KCOL! The fall season is drawing close and we have a special opportunity for everyone to enjoy with their apple cider, pumpkin lattes, and the beginning of the football season. Everyone has the entire month of September to sign up for our VIP membership – The Brand – at a special price of $2.99/month for life!

With a membership to The Brand, you will receive new video podcasts and interviews five days a week such as Vixens Who Rule and The Swerve where WWE Attitude Era head writer/producer Vince Russo has special guests from pro wrestling, music, sports, and all other forms of entertainment on video exclusively for you!

VIP Brand members also will get the weekly cult hit Bucket Full of Chicken Necks where Vince shoots straight from the heart on everything happening in his life, from personal stories to news headlines! (Watch the free “Best of Bucket Full of Chicken Necks” by clicking here)

We’re not done yet! You’ll also get two other wrestling video podcasts weekly. On Raw What It Was Good For, Vince gives exclusive and previously never before discussed writer/producer commentary and inside/behind the scenes information on WWE Monday Night Raw episodes from the Attitude Era. Also, Vince and Jeff Lane give their honest opinions and analysis of current wrestling news and rumors on the popular Lions, Tigers, Bears and Dirt.

Besides these great shows, you will also get bonus shows such as Best of The Brand Archives, The Brand Speaks, and other unannounced show reviews, commentaries, and content as Vince Russo works tirelessly around the clock to entertain you unlike anyone else out there today!

Keeping this great deal is simple. All you have to do is click here during the month of September, select auto-renewal (you can cancel at any time), and use the code word “brand” to drop the price and you will be locked in at the $2.99/month price for as long as you keep your account active!

If you are an existing member of The Brand, but pay manually each month, all you have to do is wait for your subscription to expire. Then sign up again as a new customer during the month of September with the brand coupon code, and select auto-renewal. This means that your credit card will be charged $2.99 each month so your subscription never expires! Remember, you must select auto-renewal.

If you are an existing member of The Brand, already use our auto-renewal service, and would like to take advantage of this offer, all you have to do is email Marc at relmnetwork.com with the code word “brand” and authorize your account to be switched to auto-renewal (again, you can cancel at any time) and your current membership will be switched to the new price!

There has never been a better time to join The Brand than now! Become part of a great family of members and enjoy all of this great exclusive content!

This offer expires October 1, 2015.

Coupon Code: brand

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