April 30, 2015

 I am about to discuss a major spoiler for the newest issue of Batman (#40) that hit shelves this week, so if you plan on reading this issue and don’t want a major event to be ruined then you should probably click off of this article…


After an intense battle, both Batman and The Joker have died.  




I am really burned out and desensitized by major characters dying in comics produced by either DC or Marvel.  They all come back.  ALL OF THEM.  Remember when The Joker beat Robin (Jason Todd) to death with a crowbar in the great 80’s story “Death in the Family”?  He’s back.  The Flash (Barry Allen) had one of the most meaningful deaths ever in the history of comics during Crisis on Infinite Earths.  His death not only saved the universe, but paved the way for his nephew (Wally West) to take up the mantle of The Flash.  Who cares n...

April 29, 2015


Part 2 of Vince Russo's exclusive interview with Bill DeMott, veteran of both WCW annd WWE. After his wrestling days, DeMott became an on-air announcer for WWE's Velocity, and a head trainer for the widely popular series, Tough Enough. From there, Bill later was put in charge of the WWE training facility in Florida, where he recently resigned due to reasons that have not gone public. This is Bill's very first interview after that departure. Over 90 minutes--in both video and audio--that true wrestling fans won't want to miss.





April 28, 2015



Vince Russo reviews RAW like---let's face it---only Vince Russo can review RAW!  Normally for VIP's but this special edition is FREE!


Click HERE to listen

April 28, 2015

 The recently established World Video Game Hall of Fame, located at the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, New York, has announced fifteen titles that have been selected as finalists for the inaugural class.  They are as follows:

  • Angry Birds

  • DOOM

  • FIFA (series)

  • The Legend of Zelda

  • Minecraft

  • The Oregon Trail

  • Pac-Man

  • Pokémon (series)

  • Pong

  • The Sims

  • Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Space Invaders

  • Super Mario Bros.

  • Tetris

  • World of Warcraft


The Hall of Fame has not announced the number of titles that will be chosen for the June 4th induction ceremony.  

It is a stellar list for the very first class and it is hard to argue against any of these games.  I do find it interesting that they are allowing an entire series to be inducted in some cases.  I would like to know how the...

April 27, 2015


Vince Russo's guest this week on Vixens Who Rule, is the stunning and vivacious Katrina Waters, also known as WWE's  Katie Lea Burchill, and TNA's Winter. Kat discusses her in-ring career in detail, while sharing some very interesting perspectives as they relate to her personal lifestyle. From there Kat discusses what it's like to be a female director in the male dominate Hollywood.





April 27, 2015


I watched Impact this week for the first time in over a month.  To be honest, I stopped watching because after Raw, NXT, and Lucha, by the time I got to Friday I was done with wrestling for the week.  If Impact was a must-see show it would be a different story, but for the time being, TNA is the product that got the short end of my viewing straw.  I tuned in this week because of all the hype for “Night of Knockouts” and I wanted to see if the show delivered on its promise in the title.  It half did.


I don’t read Impact spoilers, so I had no idea what was to come on the episode.  Maybe this is my fault for making an assumption after not watching the product for four weeks, but when I heard “Night of Knockouts” I thought it would be an entire episode dedicated to the female roster.  What actually aired was about a 50/...

April 27, 2015



After watching the Bruce Jenner interview with Diane Sawyer Friday night, I posted this comment on Twitter:


“Bruce Jenner interview very strange to me. But I definitely feel compassion for him. Not easy what he’s dealing with. Brave.”


Following the show---those were my true comments. Of course a few people scoffed at my words, but few compared to this post I made Sunday night in the midst of the WWE WRESTLING pay-per-view:


“If it were me I’d book Bruce Jenner in an inter-gender match against HIMSELF! Now that’s freakin’ $! Jenner Over!”


The hate comments that followed were funnier than even the corny joke.


When, how and why did our society become so politically correct, that you can’t even tweet out a lame, corny joke about a transgender person who made the decision to do an interview for millions of dollars,...

April 24, 2015


Vince discusses the suicide of Sawyer Sweeten, Bruce Jenner on Diane Sawyer tonight, why Thor shouldn't be a super hero, why he still won't watch RAW and how wrestling Internet sites aren't the least bit interested in credibility.



April 24, 2015


Jeff Lane and Vince Russo cover wrestlers etiquette around fans, the banning of the curb stomp, WWE owning the licensing rights to EVERYBODY, and all the DIRT in the week of professional wrestling.


Click HERE to listen

April 24, 2015


  • Last night we witnessed BASEBALL in Chicago where the KC Royals and the White Sox finally had at it after bad blood had been flowing between both teams. The lid finally blew-off when Jordano Ventura quick-pitched Adam Eaton, who bounced back to the box. Eaton had some words for Ventura, Ventura fired back, and it was on! Five players were thrown out of the game. I have to say, even though Harold Reynolds pointed out that THIS ONE was not Ventura’s fault---the kid is a @#$%^ disturber and is going to be a marked man if he continues his childish and adolescent behavior.

  • The AMAZING METS won their 11th straight game yesterday. Smoke and mirrors? I think so. Whereas this team should compete for a wild card this year---no way are they THIS good. They will come down to earth.

  • After a miserable 4-10 start, the Giants swept...

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