August 24, 2015

“Wow Jeff did you really complain about the 4 girls being in the ring after Sasha & Bailey?... That moment surpassed kayfabe and you are a f***ing douche for bitching about them having a moment together….”


The above was a comment left on YouTube today in response to my opinion on Sasha Banks embracing Bayley with Becky Lynch and Charlotte after the NXT women’s title match on Saturday.  (If you want to hear my full thoughts, check out the free video of Vince Russo and myself discussing SummerSlam)


I’ve been trying to figure out for some time now why these people get so butthurt and irritated over someone’s opinion on wrestling that they start throwing out personal attacks and actually use name calling!  Let’s recap:  because I didn’t agree with the post-match events in the ring, I’m a f’n douche.  These person is SO UPSET because I...

August 3, 2015

UFC head honcho Dana White called pro wrestling “fake” on Twitter this weekend and sent wrestlers and wrestling fans into a frenzy.  I had been debating whether to give my take on this situation, but everyone is talking about it so here is my two cents for those that are interested.


Wrestlers have been using the “are my injuries fake” response to White’s comments.  Nobody is disputing the legitimacy of the dangers involved with pro wrestling and the real life physical effects suffered by the performers - but Brandon Lee died while filming “The Crow” so does that mean the movie is real?


Pro wrestling is presented as a competition between two individuals in a physical confrontation until there is a winner.  Nobody really wins, and nobody is really fighting each other.  So in that sense, yes, fake would be an appropriate word to use b...

July 13, 2015

 Tomorrow begins a new chapter for us here at  For the first time ever, Vince Russo will look back and discuss episodes of Monday Night Raw from The Attitude Era that he himself wrote.  Starting with episode #238 (December 15, 1997) and continuing in order each week thereafter, Vince and myself will tackle every episode from top to bottom with exclusive writer’s commentary that you can’t get anywhere else on episodes from WWE’s highest rated period of Monday Night Raw.


While the 12/15/97 isn’t the first episode that Vince wrote, it is the episode that WWE identifies as the beginning of The Attitude Era.  Every single Raw episode is available on their network from that show through Jan 4, 1999.  If you’re keeping track, that gives us over a year’s worth of material to start with.  Hopefully by the time we r...

July 7, 2015

After a brief conversation with @cowboysteel66 on Twitter last night, I decided that for today’s blog I would post a three-hour Raw script I wrote last December.  I wrote it as a challenge to myself at the time, where I knew I could write a more entertaining show than what we would actually see that week on TV.  Whether I succeeded or not, well that’s up to you.  


Keep in mind that this was written in December of 2014 and directly followed what was going on in WWE at that time (Authority was out of power, TLC PPV had recently happened, etc.)  Not everything will make sense with current storylines, and some of it may seem outright stupid to you.  There may be things you do think are stupid, and that’s ok, because some of it I would change if I were writing it today.  All I ask you to consider is if this would be an enterta...

June 29, 2015

We have received some interesting tweets and comments in reference to the latest episode of Lions, Tigers, Bears & Dirt that was released this past Friday here in the “Video” section of  If you haven’t checkout out the show before, Vince and I give our thoughts and opinions on the wrestling news and rumors that circulated during the week on dirt sheets.  This week, we had a few discussions that I believe have been taken out of context.  First, let’s look at a couple of your comments on this particular subject:


Tyler Morgan: I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and try to see things from different perspectives, but wow! For two guys who hate wrestling and the fans (who seem to be your core target audience) you sure do talk about it an awful lot.



Olly Lnx: Whats with the general disdain tow...

June 22, 2015

If you listened to last week’s episode of Raw: The Day After, you heard Vince Russo and myself discuss how there were more positives than negatives on last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw.  I’m not going to get into all the specifics here (the video show is available for any VIP member of The Brand), but I am going to cover a few things I think WWE needs to do tonight to keep the momentum of last week’s episode going.


Build for Battleground – With the next pay-per-view event four weeks away, WWE needs to make sure they don’t fall into their usual “stalling” trap as far as key storylines go.  The worst thing they could do is be at the same position with storylines at the end of the show as they were at the beginning.  A proper slow burn isn’t doing the same thing week after week to stall for time.  It is slowly adding new story e...

June 15, 2015

People complained when it appeared to be a lock that Roman Reigns would be the one to grab the briefcase at last night’s WWE Money in the Bank event.  People are complaining now that Sheamus will be the one with the extra carryon luggage for the foreseeable future.  It was a no-win situation last night for the WWE as far as that match went because fans were going to complain regardless.  Perhaps it is their own fault for having a weak field for the match, when it was obvious that Neville and Kofi Kingston were only in the match for ladder spots.  Perhaps it is their own fault because everyone knew that Kane had no chance of winning.  With Dolph Ziggler rumored to be done with the company in a few months, only three of the seven participants had a shot at winning the match:  Reigns, Sheamus, and Randy Orton.  They went with Sheamus....

June 10, 2015

As mentioned by Vince earlier, any new member of The Brand who subscribes in the next week will get their first month of membership for only $2.99!  I’m going to get into a little bit of detail about what you get each and every month when you become a VIP member.



When you are a VIP member at you get five video podcasts or interviews EACH WEEK! Current lineup is:


Mondays: Vixens Who Rule - a podcast dedicated to successful women in sports and entertainment. Past guests include Ivelisse, Brooke Adams, Deonna Purrazzo, Katarina Waters, Cherry Bomb.  Allie Parker has already been announced as a future guest.


Tuesdays: Raw The Day After - Vince Russo and Jeff Lane give an honest review of Monday Night Raw, dissecting what worked and what didn't.


Wednesdays: The Swerve - Vince brings on a guest each week to converse...

June 8, 2015

We all have said or thought things we regret.  Every single one of us.  There isn’t one person who hasn’t said anything that could offend somebody.  Many individuals like to pretend online that they are saints sent from Heaven, but we know better.  Those of us that judge someone and preach about their past might want to take a glimpse into our own entire legacy and think about the times we had errors in judgment and said things we are ashamed of.  Some of us may have even said things this week that offended somebody.  Last night, for instance, I called one of my best friends a “disrespectful a******” for calling me at midnight for a ride after he ignored me two hours earlier when I was ready to go get him.  I feel bad about it right now as I type this.  I don’t think he is an a-hole.  But I said it....

June 5, 2015

I get asked from time to time about what I did in wrestling prior to joining up with Vince on his previous website and now here on The RELM Network.  I’ve been accused of being “just a fan” whose opinions “nobody cares about.”  I’ve never really discussed in full detail my career in wrestling besides a small blurb on my website and occasional references when it fits into a topic that I may be covering.


Last week I made the decision to tell me story.  The entire tale from the moment I decided I wanted to be in the wrestling business all the way through today working with the guy that inspired me to get into the business in the first place.  I will be publishing this story as my second book.


It isn’t a story of triumph, championships, fame or riches.  It is a true and honest look at the journey of somebody who went after th...

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