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June 15, 2015

People complained when it appeared to be a lock that Roman Reigns would be the one to grab the briefcase at last night’s WWE Money in the Bank event.  People are complaining now that Sheamus will be the one with the extra carryon luggage for the foreseeable future.  It was a no-win situation last night for the WWE as far as that match went because fans were going to complain regardless.  Perhaps it is their own fault for having a weak field for the match, when it was obvious that Neville and Kofi Kingston were only in the match for ladder spots.  Perhaps it is their own fault because everyone knew that Kane had no chance of winning.  With Dolph Ziggler rumored to be done with the company in a few months, only three of the seven participants had a shot at winning the match:  Reigns, Sheamus, and Randy Orton.  They went with Sheamus.  So do I think it was a good move or not?


I have no idea.  


It all comes down to where they go from here.  If they have a plan for why Sheamus won, and have good creative that will come in the next few months because of it, then absolutely it was a good idea.  If, however, they are flying by the seat of their pants and haven’t even figured out what they are doing tonight yet, then it will probably fail.  I give them credit for not going with the obvious choice of Reigns.  A good way to get back his fan support is to continue putting roadblocks in front of him at each turn, so that when he finally takes the next step it will mean something.  Everyone, including me, expected Reigns to win last night.  I appreciate the unpredictable result with Sheamus winning.


I am disappointed that we had zero follow through with Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns.  WWE has this habit of ignoring important events for the rest of the show once they are over.  We needed something backstage with these guys after.  Reigns wouldn’t be looking for Wyatt afterwards?  Did he just shrug his shoulders, say “oh well”, and hit the showers?  Wyatt wouldn’t be hiding in a room cutting a promo?  Instead, we got the lazy announcement for the next PPV.  


John Cena and Kevin Owens stole the show again, and it was because they had the crowd eating out of the palms of their hands.  Great slow pacing at the beginning of the match helped add anticipation for what followed.  The crowd was on their edge of the seat and reacted to almost everything that happened throughout the entire match.  This had an old school vibe to it, where the crowd forgot they were at a show and started believing what they were seeing.  The only thing missing was the fact that it was once again a non-title match.  WWE spent so much time building up the U.S. Title through Cena and the Open Challenges, only to then toss it aside for both matches against Owens.  The after the match theatrics were a little too typical “wrestling cheese” for my tastes.  There really is no explanation as to why Cena would think that Owens would want to shake his hand and show respect after he just lost.  It really made Cena look stupid.  Also, Owens’ laugh on the stage was too “dastardly villain-ish” for me.  I expected him to start twirling a mustache.  With Cena going over and Owens getting major heat back after the match, I suspect this program isn’t yet over.  That is fine with me.  Once again, just like Reigns and Wyatt, we had zero follow through with this story for the rest of the show.  Nobody checked on Cena backstage?  Nothing with Owens?


The rest of the show was pretty entertaining.  I liked the finish for the main event.  For a second, I thought they were going to have a “tie”, which may have been interesting in its own right.  But I’m ok with the finish we got.  Seems silly that Rollins would be ok with Triple H coming out, though.  After they treated him like a child all week, it would have made more sense for him to say “screw you” afterwards.  The Divas match was pretty good, even with a cluster of an ending.  You would assume that Nikki should have been disqualified because of Brie’s interference.  The Prime Time Players winning the tag belts was a surprise to me, just because I don’t feel like WWE has done enough to build them up.  A few silly backstage segments and wins on Superstars didn’t build them up as credible in the eyes of the fans.


For whatever reason, some at WWE feel that putting belts on guys instantly gets them over.  Not the case.  The PTP have a lot of talent, and I think they could have been built better BEFORE winning the belts.  Hopefully, they will still get a chance to shine.  Big Show and Ryback was awful.  Just completely awful and lazy booking.  Not much more to say on that.


Overall, Money in the Bank was a good show.  As usual, it all comes down to Raw.


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THE BILL DEMOTT EXPERIENCE: “Turning Point” w/ Former WCW / ECW Star –Chris “Crowbar” Ford

March 24, 2016

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