March 31, 2015


Looking back, I know I was a bit “stiff” on the WWE Hall of Fame yesterday, but I’m not here to apologize because I meant every word I said. I’m just not into self-glorification, and picking and choosing who you’re going to celebrate, and who you’re going to destroy. Not into it. We are all unique, individuals, who God created specially. That’s the way I feel, and I’m not at all backtracking on anything I said.


One thing that I forget to even mention in my rant---because I was running out of steam---was the fact that NO ONE behind the scenes was mentioned. Not one soul. Trust me, I know first hand, if it weren’t for all those men and women working their butts off DAILY at the WWE---there would be NO Hall of Fame, or, Hall of Famers. Not even a thank you.


My words about Connor were clear. If you want to misconstrue them, and twist...

March 30, 2015

-Has anyone yet explained why Cesaro and Kid are a tag team?


-Of all the young talent to push, WHY, OH WHY, would you ever put NO SHOW over in the Andre Battle Royal? Utterly ridiculous.



-I’m telling you right now---Dean Ambrose is going to wind up seriously hurting himself. He has to stop.


-Happy to see “The Goat” go over and win the IC Title---right thing to do.


-Vince’s ridiculous, childish ego could have never allowed Sting to go over in his version of the WCW vs. WWE match---even though he clearly should have. Yup, all about giving the fans what they want.


-Really nice touch with getting DX/NWO involved in Triple/Sting match---even though it was a bit confusing. Regardless---worth it, and I’ll take it!


-Just one question---how do you break a piece of wood . . . with another piece of wood. Never saw that before---sure we won’t...

March 30, 2015

A's manager Bob Melvin has named Tyler Clippard the team's interim closer until Sean Doolittle returns from his shoulder injury. Doolittle is scheduled to be out the first month of the season.




March 30, 2015


I hope you all get BBC America.  If so, you need to jump all over this suggestion I’m about to give you.  In my opinion, the most entertaining show on television today is broadcast on that network.  Please, do your brain a favor, and add Orphan Black to your DVR’s recording list.


Orphan Black stars Tatiana Maslany as Sarah, Alison, Beth, Cosima, Helena, Tony, Katya, Rachel, and Jennifer.  No, that is not a misprint.  I didn’t forget to add more actors.  Maslany plays all of them.  The show is about human clones, and Maslany performs each one so differently that you often forget that it is the same actress in all these different roles.  Not only do they each act differently, they all have their own distinct speaking voice.  I don’t know how she has been ignored by the Emmys during the first two seasons of the show.  I don...

March 27, 2015


Good morning, all! It’s not yet 6:30 here in the Colorado Rockies, and I’m up and at em’ as I wanted to leave you with a blog prior to me leaving to San Jose for WrestleMania weekend. Man, just typing that seems weird. Even though I’m not “really” going to be associated with WM over the weekend, just being “around” it is going to be a little weird for me. I haven’t participated, or even watched for that matter, a Mania since 1999, and that’s an absolute shoot. As I’ve stated many times before---since Ed and I were heavily involved in the Attitude Era, I really haven’t been a fan of wrestling. Back then, I couldn’t even wait to get back to the office to view what we had done on Monday nights, but since, it’s really been nothing more than I job.


And, that’s sad---it just is. I never purposely lost my passion---I just did. When I fel...

March 26, 2015


Tomorrow I’ll be headed out to San Jose to do a weekend of appearances with my good friends at Chairshot Reality. However, prior to going to Walmart to pick up my mini-toiletries (can’t go anywhere without my spray-on AXE), I thought I’d give you what I know you want, and that is my predictions for the top three matches at WrestleMania XXXI.



If I was booking this show, I only see one scenario in booking this match. Noting Taker’s age, and health, sooner, or later, the Phenom is no longer going to be able to make his yearly appearance at WM. With that being said, I would use this match to accomplish exactly what it is that needs to be accomplished. And that’s to figure out a way to get the future---Bray Wyatt---over, while finding a way to let Taker go out with a W.


Will all that being said, I would get Tak...

March 26, 2015


I love Bates Motel.  A&E’s Psycho prequel is addicting, well-written, and brilliantly acted.  Being a fan of the films I was a bit skeptical that this project would work in this era, but my fears quickly subsided when the pilot episode aired.   Two years later I now find that this is one of my favorite shows on TV.  Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore are killing it each episode as Norma and Norman Bates respectively, and coupled with the fact that the house and motel are close to exact replicas from the films, I would find it hard to believe that any Psycho fan would not enjoy this show.



My only criticism at this point is that I believe the character of Norman is being desensitized based on the writing of all the other characters on the show.  Fans of the films know that Norman will grow up to murder his mother, and...

March 25, 2015


I can’t even imagine being a grown adult and sitting behind my keyboard and spewing out words of ugliness, hatred, filthiness and STANK to people who I don’t even know on twitter---especially if those people are in the public eye. Don’t understand that, and never will. What is it? Is it a feeling of power, or superiority to sit back and attack someone through a computer screen knowing that there are no consequences to pay, other than to be BLOCKED the second your words hit the screen? What’s in it for these people, honestly? What’s the payoff---satisfaction?


For years I didn’t want to have anything to do with social media, for the exact reasons I’m typing about here. I know there are droves of people out there who “personally” hate me over one meaningless wrestling angle, or another, but to actually have to hear, and deal with tho...

March 25, 2015

It has been two days since I wrote a scathing live review of Raw and I’m no less angry now as I was then about the pathetic creative effort put forth by the WWE.  After the go-home (final) Raw before WrestleMania 31, we are at the exact same spot in the storylines as we were before the show even started.  You could have missed the entire episode this past Monday and be completely caught up for Sunday.  How does this happen with the lead-in show for the biggest event of the year from the biggest wrestling company in the world?  I have no idea.  I stopped trying to comprehend their logic (or lack thereof) long ago.


It is important to note that I have zero criticisms for the talent here.  This is ALL on creative.  I don’t care if it is all twenty-some writers or Vince McMahon himself, whoever wrote Monday’s Raw sho...

March 24, 2015


I can’t tell you how excited and honored I am to be joining Vince here on The RELM Network.  Actually, I can.  I am beyond ecstatic.  Since August of last year, I have had the opportunity to be a contributing member to this wild ride called The Brand.  It is only going to get better from here.


For those unfamiliar with me, I do have a background in wrestling - but I consider myself an entertainment guy.  My content on the old site covered many forms of pop culture including television, movies, comic books, sports, and of course wrestling.  I’m going to bring the same enthusiasm for those topics here to The Relm Network.


One wrestling feature that I did for The Brand members on the old site was called the Daily Dirt Roundup where Vince and I commented on the usually ridiculous news and rumors that hit the dirt s...

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