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March 30, 2015

-Has anyone yet explained why Cesaro and Kid are a tag team?


-Of all the young talent to push, WHY, OH WHY, would you ever put NO SHOW over in the Andre Battle Royal? Utterly ridiculous.



-I’m telling you right now---Dean Ambrose is going to wind up seriously hurting himself. He has to stop.


-Happy to see “The Goat” go over and win the IC Title---right thing to do.


-Vince’s ridiculous, childish ego could have never allowed Sting to go over in his version of the WCW vs. WWE match---even though he clearly should have. Yup, all about giving the fans what they want.


-Really nice touch with getting DX/NWO involved in Triple/Sting match---even though it was a bit confusing. Regardless---worth it, and I’ll take it!


-Just one question---how do you break a piece of wood . . . with another piece of wood. Never saw that before---sure we won’t be seeing again.


-Missed opportunity in not having Rusev cleanly beat Cena. Would have brought the Russian to a new height. No matter who he beats next---won’t have the same impact that a victory over Cena would have. I guess Vince felt that he had to give the people what they wanted (see Sting).


-Agree with putting Taker over, but would have DEFINITELY let Bray do some violent damage after the 1-2-3. Same scenario here as Rusev with Cena. Really had the opportunity to bring Bray to new heights---but failed.

-Rock/Rousey---BRILLIANT. Very, very well done.


-My favorite match of the night was the main. I really enjoyed it. Brock Lesnar is the most believable wrestler of ALL-TIME! Reigns held his own. Rollins swerve was nice, but I believe that he is just being used as a place holder to help Roman get further over. We’ll see.


-Had NO IDEA who that rapper was---don’t care one iota.


-Missed the Divas because I had to get something to eat. Hungry---sorry. If Nikki wore something hot I’m gonna be pissed.


-JBL gave away the finish of every, single match two minutes in. Absolutely atrocious---should have been Book out there.


-All in all, an ENTERTAINING show, and that’s all you can ask for. WWE did an outstanding job in putting their best foot forward---and I give them ABSOLUTE PROPS!!! My question---what is it that keeps them from doing that EVERY MONDAY NIGHT? Tell me, and we’ll both know. If they did . . . or, at least attempted to . . . it would silence my big, fat trap once and for all.


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THE BILL DEMOTT EXPERIENCE: “Turning Point” w/ Former WCW / ECW Star –Chris “Crowbar” Ford

March 24, 2016

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