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March 26, 2015


Tomorrow I’ll be headed out to San Jose to do a weekend of appearances with my good friends at Chairshot Reality. However, prior to going to Walmart to pick up my mini-toiletries (can’t go anywhere without my spray-on AXE), I thought I’d give you what I know you want, and that is my predictions for the top three matches at WrestleMania XXXI.



If I was booking this show, I only see one scenario in booking this match. Noting Taker’s age, and health, sooner, or later, the Phenom is no longer going to be able to make his yearly appearance at WM. With that being said, I would use this match to accomplish exactly what it is that needs to be accomplished. And that’s to figure out a way to get the future---Bray Wyatt---over, while finding a way to let Taker go out with a W.


Will all that being said, I would get Taker over in the match. Give him the 1-2-3 over Bray. This protects Taker---the WWE cannot, and will not, beat Taker two years in a row---because if they did---then both he and the streak would have meant absolutely nothing. You’re not going to remember the 21 wins in a row; you’re going to remember the 2 loses.


So get Taker over---give him his win, let him celebrate the victory, at which point you have Bray VICIOUSLY attack Taker from behind---VICIOUSLY---he never even saw it coming. Have the Dead Man stretchered out---unconscious---something that has NEVER been done before. And, make that moment be the last time the Undertaker will ever be seen from, or heard from again.

This scenario gives Taker that last WM victory, and puts the devilish Bray Wyatt on a whole different level.



There is only one way this match can end---you have to get Sting over. There is just no way, no how, with the years of “what-ifs”, and now the moths of build-up, that you can beat the Stinger in his premiere match in the WWE.


From there, there are a million ways from Sunday that you can book a rematch---that’s all in the storytelling. At that point, the WWE can give Triple his comeuppance, if that’s what they chose---but, here---in this one---no way you can beat Sting and live to tell about it. You must give the fans what they want here.


HOWEVER---this is the WWE, and this is WrestleMania, does the Fed dare to use the “The Nature Boy” in the finish of this match due to his history with both parties? I don’t tend to think so, but, you just never know.



Ok, this one is a bit tricky because I have two different trains of thought. Again, if I were booking, my first scenario would be to draw as much reality as I possibly could into the match. Since Brock just re-upped with the Fed with a new contract, I would use that as part of my story. One interesting scenario would be to have Paul Heyman screw Brock, with us finding out on the other side that Paul never approved of Brock signing his new WWE deal, and wanted Brock to go to UFC because it meant bigger bucks for him. From there, have Heyman sign Reigns as his new client and you are off to the races with Brock as the baby and Reigns as the heel.


That’s one scenario.


Second? I wouldn’t have a problem with the WWE doing what they planned to do all along heading back to BEFORE the Survivor Series, and that’s to have Reigns defeat the Beast 1-2-3 in the middle. If you booked this match right---by the time the ending comes---you could get Reigns over during the duration. If Reigns could take all the punishment that Brock induces, but Lesnar just can’t put Reigns away---you can get the people with Roman. BUT---it has to be done to perfection---in other words give the match to Pat Patterson.


Look, me personally, it doesn’t matter if the fans boo, or cheer Reigns---what matters is that they REACT TO HIM. That’s what you want. If the plan was to go with Reigns---then go with Reigns. What’s going to tell the TRUE story are the ratings that follow. And, THAT’S where you adjust if need be.


But there’s more. What about “The Rock”? Could he be figured into this ending? This is WrestleMania, he is the cousin of Reigns, and he did show up at the Royal Rumble, is there any way that he didn’t receive a plan ticket from the WWE to be there? That’s a hard one to imagine. 


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THE BILL DEMOTT EXPERIENCE: “Turning Point” w/ Former WCW / ECW Star –Chris “Crowbar” Ford

March 24, 2016

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