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June 29, 2015

We have received some interesting tweets and comments in reference to the latest episode of Lions, Tigers, Bears & Dirt that was released this past Friday here in the “Video” section of VinceRussoBrand.com.  If you haven’t checkout out the show before, Vince and I give our thoughts and opinions on the wrestling news and rumors that circulated during the week on dirt sheets.  This week, we had a few discussions that I believe have been taken out of context.  First, let’s look at a couple of your comments on this particular subject:


Tyler Morgan: I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and try to see things from different perspectives, but wow! For two guys who hate wrestling and the fans (who seem to be your core target audience) you sure do talk about it an awful lot.



Olly Lnx: Whats with the general disdain towards the online wrestling community & viewers wrestling questions? Its crazy as this has to be your target market for youtube subscribers & Brand members.



I’m not going to speak for Vince, I will give him the opportunity on this week’s show (although he has said NUMEROUS times that he doesn’t have hate in his heart for anyone), but I will speak for myself here.  I do not hate wrestling.  I hate BAD wrestling.  Just like I hate bad movies, bad television shows, bad music, or bad literature.  If I hated wrestling, I wouldn’t be a 28 year viewer of the product.  If I hated wrestling, I wouldn’t have worked in wrestling.  And if I hated wrestling, I wouldn’t be working with Vince Russo on wrestling material for this website.


As for hating fans or showing disdain towards the online wrestling community, there is a specific group that Vince was talking about during last week’s show.  He referred to them as “nimrods”, which is a nice way to describe them.  These are the fans that throw out PERSONAL attacks towards anyone and everyone on Twitter who they have a difference in opinion with.  Read Vince’s Twitter feed.  He engages in numerous conversations with fans that have a difference in opinion or have disagreements with his blogs, comments, or work in the industry.  Those fans are POLITE about it.  They are able to separate business from personal life.  It is the ones who are a-holes about it, throw out f-you’s, or any personal insult you can think of that are the “nimrods.”  These people have no desire to hold a respectful debate.  They just want to harass someone for the hell of it.


The majority of wrestling fans are polite and respectful.  We tweet with these people every single day.  We appreciate their support and opinions.  It is the vocal minority that we were speaking about.  The ones who waste their lives by throwing out hate tweets and YouTube comments every single day as a positive life slowly passes them by.  The ones that tweet Dixie Carter saying they want TNA to go out of business.  The ones who tell Jim Ross that his opinions don’t matter in 2015 and he needs to go away.  The ones who harass Allie Parker about her kidney (yes that really happened).


It is silly that people would distort a few comments from this week’s show about trolls and turn it into “Vince and Jeff hate wrestling fans.”  Ask any member of The Brand if they think we hate them.  Pretty ludicrous, when you think about it.  


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THE BILL DEMOTT EXPERIENCE: “Turning Point” w/ Former WCW / ECW Star –Chris “Crowbar” Ford

March 24, 2016

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