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April 27, 2015



After watching the Bruce Jenner interview with Diane Sawyer Friday night, I posted this comment on Twitter:


“Bruce Jenner interview very strange to me. But I definitely feel compassion for him. Not easy what he’s dealing with. Brave.”


Following the show---those were my true comments. Of course a few people scoffed at my words, but few compared to this post I made Sunday night in the midst of the WWE WRESTLING pay-per-view:


“If it were me I’d book Bruce Jenner in an inter-gender match against HIMSELF! Now that’s freakin’ $! Jenner Over!”


The hate comments that followed were funnier than even the corny joke.


When, how and why did our society become so politically correct, that you can’t even tweet out a lame, corny joke about a transgender person who made the decision to do an interview for millions of dollars, to share his story with the world? What the !@#$%^ is wrong with us? How can anybody in their right friggin’ mind take offense to an innocent joke like that. I’d bet even BRUCE JENNER would chuckle at it had he read it.


Having to watch every word that comes out of our mouths is sickening to me---I’m tired of it. When you are going to get cussed at over an innocent wrestling/transgender joke that was clearly designed to get a cheap laugh, while offending NOBODY---than something is seriously wrong with the way we think.


Somebody seriously needs to explain to me, how ANY transgender person could have possible been offended by that ridiculous statement. It’s the equivalent of saying, “I’d like to book Vince Russo in a MEATBALL HERO on a pole match”. Get it---I’M ITALIAN. I’m sick of it---I truly am. Growing up, we never had to watch every word that came out of my mouth. Do you really, for one second, think I’m going to be offended when you say someone is wearing a “Ginny Tee”? REALLY? Jim Cornette used to call me a “Yankee” on a daily basis and I would laugh because that was hysterical to me.


Booking a transgender person in a transgender match against himself? Are you freakin’ kidding me? Pretty soon, we’re not going to be allowed to talk at all. Just all of us walking around like zombies, saying nothing to assure that we are being “politically correct”. We’ve got to get over ourselves. The jest of the problem is that we all take ourselves too seriously to begin with. For cryin’ out loud, why don’t we take 85 year-old DON RICKLES in the back and buggy-whip him!!!


Lighten up, people, life is too damn short to take everything so damn seriously.



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THE BILL DEMOTT EXPERIENCE: “Turning Point” w/ Former WCW / ECW Star –Chris “Crowbar” Ford

March 24, 2016

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