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April 21, 2015

I was always a huge fan of Bill DeMott, from the very first time I met him in WCW 16 years ago. The moment I shook hands with him I could just tell that he was a man’s man—you know—from the old school. Bill was, and still is, a blue collar guy. He showed up to work every day, and performed to the absolute best of his abilities, doing so on many occasions when he shouldn’t have even been in the ring due to injury.


Bill was a true team player in every sense of the phrase. If he had an ego, I never saw it. It was never about “me” for Bill, but rather about “us”. That’s the guy I know---the guy who didn’t complain, the guy who never talked behind your back, the guy who never politicked. Bill EARNED everything that was ever given to him. He earned it through his hard work and dedication to the job. You knew Bill without ever having to “really” know him. He was a proud man, a man who believed in speaking with his actions rather than his words---a man who had closely listened to those wiser before him, who taught how to not only be a wrestler, but to be a man.


Today on Shoot 2 Thrill is your opportunity to get to know the REAL Bill DeMott---the son, the husband, the father and the survivor. Up until this interview Bill hasn’t really spoken to anyone about the incidents that led to his resigning from the WWE, perhaps he was “guarded” and rightfully so. But, this interview was basically a conversation between friends who hadn’t seen each other in a decade and a half. The truth is, I was more concerned about Bill, then I was about “the” story.


Regardless of what you hear, I believe Bill DeMott, I believe him because I know him and he has no reason to lie to me. What I took away from this interview was everything that I already knew---Bill is an honest, stand-up guy, and if he’s guilty of anything, it’s for standing up what he believed in.


(You can hear the THREE-HOUR Bill DeMott Video Interview by subscribing to vincerussobrand.com. Non-members can order the interview here: bitly.com/bdemott


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THE BILL DEMOTT EXPERIENCE: “Turning Point” w/ Former WCW / ECW Star –Chris “Crowbar” Ford

March 24, 2016

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