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May 18, 2015


What the !@#$% is wrong with Kanye West? No, truthfully, what goes through this chuckleheads mind? He calls himself an artist? I call him a full-blown imbecile. Who goes on national TV, the Billboard Music Awards, and drops so many n-words in his nauseating rap, that he has to be censored for over ONE MINUTE during his FIVE MINUTE cluster!@#$% of a performance?!


What did this moron think? That ABC was going to allow his foul and vulgar language to enter our living rooms without having its mouth washed out with soap before it reached us? Is this his idea of shock value? I’m just going to go out there and drop so many n-bombs that people will look at me as being “controversial”? No, Kanye, people are going to look at you as being a full-fledged fool!


Bro, you’re a 38 year-old man, act you’re freakin’ age. You’re not some teen who just escaped the hood and is here to shed some light on the plight of your situation. As a matter of fact, you’re even a father now, whose main priority is to set an example for your child, who unfortunately is going to look up to YOU for both wisdom and guidance. What’s your idea of being a role model to the black youth of America? Let me tell you, performing a live version of a song entitled “Black Skinhead” to teenagers of all nationalities, colors and creeds around the word.


All right, bro, you’ve got a message---words that just need to get out. You know what? So did the Beatles. The difference was that they used their craft and intelligence to get their point across. All artists have something to say, I get it, but no one is going to listen to you if your words have to be CENSORED OUT!


So, what is it that we achieved last night? This guys such a BADA** that ABC had to literally chop a minute of his “rap” so nobody could actually hear what this bonehead had to say? Was that the goal that Kanye was looking to achieve? Grow the !@#$% up, dude. Contribute to society; don’t make it worse than it already is. 

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THE BILL DEMOTT EXPERIENCE: “Turning Point” w/ Former WCW / ECW Star –Chris “Crowbar” Ford

March 24, 2016

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