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May 28, 2015


So, we briefly discussed on ‘The Brand Speaks’ this week how certain angle’s and gimmicks aren’t allowed to be written due to how politically incorrect they are. This sparked a fire in my big bowl of creative soup of a brain!



Roy Bevis and Zak Knight -- The UK Hooligans -- older brothers to WWE’s Paige. There is something about these two that I really like! But -- there is also something about these two that they are also missing -- they are not the “modern day British Bulldog’s” -- they are more like “what if Ronnie and Reggie Kray were wrestlers?”



They are more likely to smash pint glasses over your head than kiss your babies foreheads! They are football hooligans!



When I think of these two, I think of The Iron Sheik, and how hated he was because of how much of a nationalist he was -- and the heels in British society these days are considered to be British nationalists, if you wave an English flag “you’re a racist”.



So what if we took Roy and Zak, stripped them of their Union Jack tights and gave them a pair of doc martins, Fred Perry jackets and have them come out waving a St George’s flag!

No I’m not being racist -- but neither would these be!

It's subtle! Its called creating a character.



It’s taking advantage of the stupidity of those whom mistake nationalism for racism. It's taking the typical codes and conventions of a stereotype and multiplying them by a thousand! its how characters are made! Do you think the Arabs in 'Aladdin' would have been as menacing had it not been for their big swords and unusual clothing? What if we had seen an one of them in a leather jacket? It wouldn't of worked!



These "Hooligans" would never come out and say anything remotely racist. Their shtick is simply “This is England, and we love it, we’d die for it”. But the play on the stereotype is enough to imply that they are nationalists, which is another implication for a "racist" -- This gives these characters 'layers'.


You wouldn’t have them only feud with the foreign wrestlers. It's a simple cliché of a “British hooligan” -- they’d dress like white supremacists -- but that’s as far as it goes! The rest is left to the imagination -- the art here is not only what IS shown and told, but also in what is not!



Was Nikolai Volkoff being racist when he came out and sang his national anthem!?

Was Bret Hart racist when he came out waving the Canadian flag? Of course not!



Nationalism is a huge part of our country! We are British and we are a very proud people and this day and age -- with political issues and economic issues – British people claim they feel like second-class citizens in their own country! So give them something to cheer for -- allow their frustrations to be heard vicariously through their chants of “This - Is - England” -- which just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it!?



This day and age, this gimmick is what you would call ‘anti establishment’ -- its not conforming to the social norm that is political correctness and thus, it’s bringing people together -- its telling everyone that it is OK to love your country and its giving British fans something to relate to!



All those British wrestling fans who used to watch ‘World of Sport’ religiously seem to have just disappeared, its because British wrestling seems to have lost its nationalism. British wrestling today is closer to American wrestling than that of what World of Sport was -- which is not a bad thing, but we still love our Nationalism, which trust me -- if you have ever been in a pub during an England game whilst the World Cup is on -- you can feel the love for the country.



Look at ICW and how the nationalism in Scotland has played a huge part in the success of that promotion!

What’s frustrating for Britain this day and age is that we are a loud bunch and people feel like we are not allowed our voices to be heard! So you know what I say! I say shove it in the wrestling ring where it belongs! Where it isn’t hurting anybody! And do you know what the beauty of it is, it’s that it isn’t hurting anybody because to anybody outside of pro wrestling, “Wrestling is fake” --  it’s having fun with an idea!



And I can’t think of two people more suiting for this gimmick than The UK Hooligans, two fantastic talents!


Roy, the older brother genuinely looks like a “Hard Bastard” --  he looks like he’s been in his share of bar room brawls.


Ever seen the movie ‘Trainspotting’? Remember Robert Carlyle’s character Begbie -- that’s who this guy reminds me of  -- Sorry Dean Ambrose, but you want a loose cannon? Look no further than Roy Bevis!



And as for Zak, this kid is a great promo and he just compliments the team so much! He’s like a pit-bull!


Together they have great chemistry and they connect with their crowds



Just a bit of food for thought!



Follow the UK Hooligans on Twitter - @Theukhooligans



What do you guys think of a controversial approach to gimmicks like this!? Is it wrong? Or should we stop hiding from our problems and use entertainment as a way to show people that it’s ok to feel frustrated



Or, Do you feel that this kind of approach could cause rioting?



Hit me up on Twitter!


Follow Jake on Twitter: @IAmJakeJesus


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THE BILL DEMOTT EXPERIENCE: “Turning Point” w/ Former WCW / ECW Star –Chris “Crowbar” Ford

March 24, 2016

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