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June 25, 2015

A BRAND Special, with Vince and Jeff Lane talking  in detail about the Jarrett/GFW/Carter/TNA angle from last night is NOW AVAILABLE for Brand Members! Click Here


Good, bad, or indifferent . . . I'm always honest with the BRAND. And, knowing that it is my responsibility to always give them what they want . . . there was no getting around me watching the return of Jeff Jarrett to TNA last night and then talking about it here today. And, the truth is this . . . I didn't want to watch it, it was extremely difficult for me.


First and foremost, I'm happy for Jeff. Personally knowing the situation, there was no doubt a sense of victory for him. I was consulting for TNA less than a year ago when Jeff was sent home from the company that he started, and trust me---there was zero love loss on either side at that time. The fact of the matter is, shortly after Jeff's departure, when TNA's future was in trouble at SPIKE TV, I pitched to John Gaburick that in an effort to do what was best for business that a "true-to-life" story be written with Jeff and his group, GFW, along with Japan's Wrestle-1 and ROH, attempting to sway SPIKE  to give them TNA's spot. After pitching John he said he got back to me . . . and never did.


The thought of John bringing Jeff back at that time, after he had just aided and abided Dixie Carter in getting rid of the founder of the company, had to be a ridiculous notion to him at the time. With the removal of Prichard, Jarrett and Bischoff--Gaburick had successfully cleared the landscape of all those who could--and would-- challenge him, thus giving him 100% of the power and authority at TNA. I truly believed that then---and I certainly still believe it now. Even though I personally like John, and always will, when ego starts to play a factor in one's life---you just change. There is no doubt in my mind that when my situation was accidently revealed--that I was consulting for the company-- that was Gaburick's opportunity to get rid of me as well---because Dixie was the one who actually wanted me back in the fold at the time.


When all was said and done, after a 20 year relationship, Jeff chose to no longer be my friend when he found out that I was "secretly" working for TNA and didn't tell him. Since, I've been  completely discarded and ignored by both Gaburick and Dixie, when I recently offered my services to them for free---in an effort to help the company, and those that work for it. And, as a human being, that all cuts deeply. Basically, because as people I care about all three. I want them all to succeed. But me . . . changing my stripes . . . being something I'm not. . . telling people what they want to hear when I know it's not the truth. Sorry . . . that's just not in me.


Today . . . things are much different at TNA. The know it all attitude of the last two members of management standing, Dixie and John, have left them within months of losing everything that has been built---by so many people--in the last 13 years.


Desperate times call for desperate measures. So, maybe NOW we need to bring back Jeff with the hopes, and dreams, of building an audience quickly, and saving our spot on Destination America. And, Jeff, recently putting his company, GFW, on the road--the more he can say the name, and put over the organization in front of 500,00 viewers---the better. Last night, I watched the behind the scenes footage on YouTube that Jeff had shot for GFW, and knowing the situation, knowing the parties, knowing the circumstances---there was nothing sincere at all. These were just two different people, Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett, using each other for their own gain. It was just cold, hard business. Seeing Dixie with Jeff . . . hugging Jeff . . . from my stand point---it was just hard to watch. The Christian man in me really wanted to believe that this was all about forgiveness---but it wasn't---if it was . . . it would have happened when I first pitched it almost a year ago.


You know what---people are going to say that I'm bitter, and I will understand that---but the very raw truth is that I'm not---as a human being I'm just simply hurt. In what could be the waning days of a company that I spent 10 years of my life building---just like everybody else---yes---I would like to be a part of the solution that could help. That's what's in my heart, and that's what's in my soul. But instead, I'm on the outside looking in with heat from all sides--and why is that? It's real simple---I've been true to myself since the day I was born. I don't play politics . . . and I never have. Refusing to kiss anybody's backside lost me my job at WCW, and forced me to quit at TNA. That isn't and never will be a part of my make-up.


I'm Italian, and I'm a proud Italian. I was raised by a father who always told me the truth. He was about as honest as you could get. Early on in my life those values were instilled in me, supported by a Sicilian grandfather who took nothing from no one---he didn't care what the consequences were going to be when he told you how he really felt--all that he knew was that he had to be true to himself. Early on in my career that worked for me, Vince McMahon was smart enough to know that everything I said to him I honestly felt was for the betterment of the company. And, looking back, I went toe-to-toe with him a few times---to the point that I should have been fired---but Vince knew, that out of his staff of hundreds---this was the crazy Italian----that was telling him the truth.


I always told John the truth, I always told Dixie the truth, I always told Jeff the truth---with that one exception at the end when my boss asked me to be untruthful. I needed the money at the time, and agreed to her wishes---the one, biggest mistake I made in wrestling . . . one I would never repeated no matter how much money was on the line.

So there you have it---from my heart to this page. Do whatever you want with it, because as always---I don't really care. All I care about is the truth---that's all that was ever important to me. And, I thank my dad, and I thank my granddad, and I thank everyone whose ever had an influence in making me the man I am today. Yes, my wallet is lighter---a lot lighter---but I wouldn't trade that in for all the fortunes of the world---not if it meant tarnishing my integrity.




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THE BILL DEMOTT EXPERIENCE: “Turning Point” w/ Former WCW / ECW Star –Chris “Crowbar” Ford

March 24, 2016

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