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August 10, 2015


If I'm going to be the guy who says what everybody else is thinking . . . the I'm just going to embrace it.


I've said it many times---the professional wrestling is a weird and unique bird. No other business on the planet is run the way of the squared circle which is why I've said for many years---"the wrestling business is killing the wrestling business."


Now, while there are many reasons for that insight, the main one is that rather than hire qualified people for key positions that will help enhance the wrestling business, those potential assists are instead cock-blocked from ever joining the circus due to those in the position of doing the hiring protecting their spots due to both their lack of self-confidence, and the fear of being challenged and exposed.


How do I know this, you ask? Simply because it happened to me when I almost went back to the WWE in 2002 because their ratings had plummeted following the Attitude Era. Recently I was smartened up by someone in the know who publically stated that while Shane McMahon was an advocate and had cleared my path to return to the company, it was indeed Stephanie and Triple H who put the kibosh on it once it was soon to become a reality. I can remember vividly Stephanie not being present the day Vince brought me in to speak to the writers, only to talk down to me as if I were a child---later on a speaker phone. I understood the gig then---but understand it even more clearly today.


But, this isn't about me, it's about all the other qualified veterans who can drastically help the WWE as I write this, but yet---they're all sitting at home in favor of others who quite frankly---couldn't even shine their boots. I was just reading an article yesterday quoting Joe Laurenitis--Animal--saying that he has contacted the WWE various times about becoming a trainer at their facility---but nothing. What? One half of arguably the greatest tag team in the history of professional wrestling wouldn't have an invaluable level of expertise to bestow upon the youngens?


But it's not just about Animal either. What about guys like Bully Ray and Taz that sit on the outside looking in. Why can't they find jobs with the Fed? Is it because they don't have decades of years of experience working on top---or---perhaps they are too outspoken for those who are rather looking for "Yes Men"--who are just  "happy to be there", instead of those who could make a difference. What about a guy like Raven? One of the best creative minds in the business. And, even though I have clearly torched my bridge---old Ed Ferrara is out there--perhaps better than all the WWE writers combined who are working there at the moment. And, why are the writers all nameless and faceless? Don't they have names? Why don't we know them?


Should I continue? No problem. Why wasn't Kurt Angle hired back to the company when he became a free agent after all his years of dedicated service to the company. A Rusev-Angle ANGLE wouldn't have worked?! Or, could it have been that perhaps he may have had the bosses ear? Why are mid-card guys---as best---laying out the matches to the young talent who NO DOUBT could use more decorated veterans to help them learn how to build heat rather than jump around like monkeys. Can anybody explain why Paul Heyman doesn't have his fingers on the pencil? Too opinionated perhaps? Won't rollover and play dead? Will fight for what's right rather than say "Yes, Maam" and "Yes, Sir".  Why isn't Mick Foley working with the WWE, helping teach the younger guys how to cut promos---was there EVER anybody better? And, last, but not least, would CM Punk still be with the company had he stood up only to Vince, and not Hunter? As a guy who saw Stone Cold dig in many times to the boss and survive--I'd say he probably had a much better chance.


So, the question---would Vince McMahon himself deny these individuals? The answer is a resounding NO--how do I know---because going back to 2002---he was ready, willing and able to bring ME BACK until daughter squashed me like a bug. You see, if you know Vince that was his genius---he hired geniuses around him. And, the reason Vince was able to do that was because he had the UTMOST CONFIDENCE IN HIMSELF. In Vince McMahon's mind he KNEW that nobody was better than him, so he welcomed all challengers with open arms.


Why is Shane McMahon no longer working for the WWE? Do any of us really know the answer to that? Was he perhaps getting in the way of the Prince and the Princess? Man, I've got to tell you, I can remember a time when Shawn Michaels was becoming a real pain in the backside. It was becoming so bad, that we actually weren't even using him on TV at the time. Then, a situation came up when Shawn was perfect for a certain spot. I suggested to Vince that we bring him back--Vince was hesitant but did because it was best for business. When Shawn showed up at TV, something was re-written so we didn't use him. I remembered that Shawn got really hot at me, and threatened my physical being. But, you know what--I was cool with it--why---because Shawn Michaels made the WWE BETTER. That's why I was cool with Ed Ferrara coming in as my writing partner---because Ed made the WWE better. I never once looked at Ed as a threat because I had confidence in myself. I knew with every superstar that we brought in, regardless of what the area--that the company would be better. That's why I suggested Eric Bischoff to Vince McMahon in 2002, and Bruce Prichard to Dixie Carter in 2010.


WWE ratings have been going south for 15 straight years--but yet the same people are still employed---and damn good ones are sitting at home. Where would that ever work in any other successful company? You think Donald Trump became a billionaire without having key people in place? You think The Donald looked at those people as a threat to his throne? That they would wind up building an empire even bigger than his? No--why---because he had confidence in himself and his abilities.


With creative people come arguments. With creative people come opinions. With creative people you are challenged . . . you are challenged to become BETTER. With "Yes People" comes vanilla only because your way will be the only way because everybody is agreeing with it. Thus--the same old, same old, no change---exactly what we are seeing now in the WWE.


Somebody had to say it---so I just did. If people on both the inside and out say they aren't thinking and saying the same thing---they are lying---because they've said it to me. But those names will be withheld to protect them. I, in turn, will take all the heat . . . why . . . because I always do.




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March 24, 2016

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