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August 25, 2015

This past Saturday, NXT held their Brooklyn show ‘Takeover’. Unlike all their previous shows, this show was performed on a WWE HD set. From the 20x20 ring, to the lighting, to the entranceway – it was all there. This show looked like just another WWE show. For me – this took something away from the NXT product – and this is what I want to get into today.


Firstly, from each match, something felt…uncomfortable. All I could put it down to is that it honestly felt like these guys were wrestling indy matches in a 20x20 ring. You have to think, these guys on the roster are used to either 18x18 rings down in NXT and the Performance centre, or 16x16 rings on the indy circuit.

A larger ring means – a larger platform.


Its like these guys are so used to driving a Honda Civic, that when they were given the keys to that Mustang, they didn’t take advantage of all that it had to offer. They were driving 30mph in a car that was meant for 120mph.


I remember the Royal Rumble 2000, with that fantastic set design. It had the taxicab hanging about the entrance, and the entrance way was that of a roughed up ally way filled with graffiti. It captured that rough New York feeling.  


It confuses me as to why this NXT Brooklyn show set wasn’t designed in a similar manor?


I would have liked to have seen some graphics that related to Brooklyn. Maybe start the show with graphics of the Brooklyn Bridge or a subway heading into graffiti covered station? – that would have been preferred over the graphics that were used, they had NO personality – hence why they felt generic.

I would have also like to have seen the NXT tag team champions open the show by coming out and slating Brooklyn, and then issuing and open challenge to ANY tag team for the championships.

To which Shad Gaspard and JTG answer.



I can hear it now, after Blake and Murphy have done slagging off Brooklyn and have issued their open challenge – silence fills the air – then “Yo, Yo, Yo Pop a forty and Check your Rollies – Its Cryme Tyme”.



I feel an open like that would have been a lot more enjoyable then Jushin Thunder Liger at 50 years old. Problem is with guys like Liger – you expect them to hit the same high spots they did back in 1996. Come on! – The guy’s 50 years old – the only thing this guys hitting is the sack.



You may be wondering, “Why would you book Cryme Tyme instead of the Dudley Boyz?”.


Because Blake and Murphy need to go over – that fans do not want to see these two guys beat the most decorated tag team in professional wrestling history.



Plus Cryme Tyme are a fun and entertaining act. They would warm up the crowd nicely. A comic relief, fun match like this makes all the difference.



It would of also been nice to of seen Tazz on commentary.



(Authors Note: JUST for this show, All due respect to Tazz – his commentary isn’t the best)



It would have been nice if they made the Brooklyn shtick a bigger deal. Create an atmosphere! Make the audience feel like they are apart of something, which in turn makes the viewers at home feel apart of something.



The opening to this show should not have been Triple H standing in the ring all ‘God Like’ like he’s the second coming of Paul Heyman, soaking in the fans ‘NXT’ chants as if they are actually chanting ‘Triple H’.

It should have started with Pyro, shots of the crowd whom are electric – it should have opened with a BANG!



I’m sorry Triple H, but your little Shakespearian speech at the start of the show evoked no emotion from me what so ever.



The smart marks loved it. But you could spoon feed these guys sh*t and they will smile and say “Thank you Sir may I have another”



Triple H is NOT bringing in the masses – the fact is, those masses want good television.



(Authors Note: More on this topic on my previous entry: HERE)



That is all from me, As per usual – Thank you for reading regardless of whether or not you agree with my thoughts.


I’ve been Jake Jesus, and that’s what’s best for business


Follow Jake on Twitter: @IAmJakeJesus


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THE BILL DEMOTT EXPERIENCE: “Turning Point” w/ Former WCW / ECW Star –Chris “Crowbar” Ford

March 24, 2016

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