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October 15, 2015

Brand, first of all I want to thank you all for your patience. I recently started University so as I’m sure you can imagine; this past month has been all kinds of crazy. So for those of you whom have waited and asked “Whens the next article?”– I Thank you.


Although it has been a busy month, there have been opportunities to sit down, grab a drink, do a bit of research and then spew my thoughts out to you glorious folks, here at VinceRussoBrand.com --- And in all honesty, I have tried several times to sit down and write an article, but in the words of our own Jeff Lane, the fact is is that “The business gives us nothing to talk about”.

Never a truer word said, especially when, as a writer I LOVE writing for you guys, but for me there is nothing worse than writing something that I don’t feel comfortable with, I feel like I am cheating myself if I write simply for the sake of writing, and when I’m cheating myself, I am cheating you, and as you dedicate your time to reading my musings, then the fact is is that you deserve nothing but my complete respect and I would rather not write an article, then write simply for the sake of writing – You all deserve better.


But Alas! I am here! And I am choc-a-block with all things wrestling!


This Diva Revolution thing is quite frankly a big joke!

Should it really be that we as an audience have to now stand up and applaud the WWE because in the year 2015 they have finally decided that it is OK for the fans to appreciate the athleticism of their female talent rather than only caring about them due to the size of their breasts. And we are supposed to buy into the BS that Hunter Hearst Heyman is trying to sell us that its all because of him, C’mon Paul, you do know that its common knowledge that you’re a dick-head -- well common knowledge to anyone who doesn’t own a Finn Balor T-Shirt.


The only thing this Divas Revolution has taught us is that it isn’t a “Divas Revolution” at all, but in fact a breakthrough of a long overdue equal rights revolution in the WWE Universe, and WWE if you think it’s worth applauding that it has taken you this long to acknowledge female talent in a respectful way, then you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Hopefully by this “merit”, this means that by the year 2030 there might actually be an African America civil rights movement on an episode of Monday Night Raw, where we may see the crowing of the first ever coloured WWE World Heavyweight Champion – unfortunately for us, the one person who does deserve that accolade, namely Booker T – is no longer a full time worker – but maybe Booker Jr?


God forbid we ever see a gay angle play-out in the world of professional wrestling, or even a transgender character. The fact of the matter is whether you are gay, straight or bisexual, Male or female – we live in 2015 and the world is changing and this divas “revolution” happening only now is a prime example of how behind the times the WWE truly are – Honestly, it would make perfect sense for each episode of Raw to be filmed entirely in Black & White – because that IS how behind the times they are.

Ever heard the phrase “Striking when the iron is hot?” – Right now would be the perfect time to bring in a transgender character – mainly because it will most certainly get the world talking, and thus draws eyes to the product, which in turn equals ratings!!


Paul the Game is famously quoted for saying that the reason the ratings are down is simply because “It’s a different time” – And too an extent, I agree. With the introduction of TV On Demand and Teevo and the obvious rise of the internet and its usage in our day-to-day lives AND the fact that there are now a thousand more channels on TV then there was during ‘The Attitude Era’, you do really have to take into account that, Yes – It is a different time because peoples television habits aren’t the same as they once was some fifteen years before. People have so many more alternatives, and a huge factor that comes into this is HOW people watch television.

The idea that people still gather round the television set with their families and TV dinners and watch with the rest of the world is a concept that is very much passé. Due to On Demand, technology and the internet, you can literally watch whatever you like on a device of your choosing, such as an IPad, or a mobile phone – wherever you want in the world.


But, what makes me think that Triple H is in fact a Paul McMoron is yes, he has obviously taken into account that peoples viewing habits in 2015 are different than that of 1999, but it’s like the WWE has already accepted defeat that “We can’t compete with all the other content out their so why bother?” – I’ve said it before, if you are not in the TV business to be the best, then you are in the wrong business – why not go back to selling out School Gymnasiums if this is your mentality. With the power of the WWE Network, they have the ability to be an entirely new different kind of animal that they have ever been – in the year 2015 the WWE have the ability to be ten times the company they were even during the ‘Attitude Era’ – but they hold themselves back so much.

They should not be happy with what they are producing at the moment, and I will tell you why – Because their fans aren’t. And no, those NXT morons don’t count because these Jabronis are going to watch no matter what sh*t you spoon feed them. These idiots will buy any Zach Ryder or Tyler Breeze shirt you flog them because they like whomever you tell them to like – And the WWE only catering to that fan-base quite frankly is lazy, They aren’t challenging themselves!


I look at a guy like Finn Balor, and I’m sorry I don’t see this ‘Next generation Star’ that the WWE is trying to brand him as – because Let’s be honest here, that IS the line of BS that the WWE are selling to the fans. They are marketing these guys and the entire NXT brand on the entire principal of “Say you were a part of the revolution. Come and buy a ticket to NXT just so you can say that you were there.”.


It is quite genius in its own way, it shows us that Triple H does in fact have a good understanding of HIS audience, that he knows that these idiots all spend their time arguing over who knows more simply because all wrestling fans have a sense of entitlement over the product due to how long they have been watching it and the fact that just because “they were there when…” means they know more than you..?   

Its just a shame that Triple Hs audience is made up of morons, and the casual television viewer is apparently smarter than the average wrestling fan – Yes, this did in fact come as a surprise to me also – Not because you would think wrestling fans are smarter than ordinary people, but because it shows us that in 2015 you must have to be a special kind of stupid to be enjoying any kind of American professional wrestling product that is out on the market.


Lets be honest and call a spade a spade -- Finn Balor is no “Future Star” He’s just another flavour of the month, just like the IWCs beloved Kevin Owens. I believe that Finn Balor will have a little bit more success than someone such as Kevin Owens, and this is literally just due to his entrance, because that is really the only cool thing about him – but, he is essentially on the way to becoming this generations Gangrel.


(Authors Note: Not that there is anything wrong with that; Finn Balor has a lonnnnng way to go if he hopes to fill the boots of that blood sucking Vampire Warrior!)


And this is nothing against Finn Balor, or Kevin Owens, or any of the NXT roster. I’m sure they all bust their asses just as hard as all their peers in their prime, but what the problem is – why Balor wont be a star, the reason Kevin Owens isn’t a star, the reason Bray Wyatt isn’t a star – is because WWE just doesn’t get it – the rumors are true, guys & dolls – they are very much out of touch with a roster filled with guys all in limbo, bouncing from one pointless angle to the next, all waiting for that chance to ‘prove their worth’ – when in fact even the workers are being worked, so all you NXT fans don’t feel too left out ay! ‘cos the Seth Rollins’ of the world all believe Triple Hs BS just as much as you.


Well, that has been my two cents – Ladies & Gentlemen, as per – Whether you agree or disagree I thank you for your time!


I’ve been Jake Jesus, and that’s what’s best for business

Follow Jake on Twitter @IAmJakeJesus


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THE BILL DEMOTT EXPERIENCE: “Turning Point” w/ Former WCW / ECW Star –Chris “Crowbar” Ford

March 24, 2016

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