April 2, 2015



(This column is dedicated to my friend Chris Kanyon, who passed away five years ago today. I miss his heart and soul. Peace forever with you my friend). 


Here’s how huge my ego is---I’m telling the entire social media universe right now---that I CRY AT CONCERTS. Yeah, it’s a real, strange thing. Doesn’t matter who it is—RiRi, Neil Diamond The D . . . I sob at them all. Went to see Fleetwood Mac with my wife Amy last night---cried like an infant. Lost it all during Everywhere. Now, I know that’s my daughter Annie’s favorite “Mac” song, but freakin’ tears? Come on.


How did this start? I think I have a small idea. When I was sixteen, me and my friend Chykirda were just obsessed with KISS---it was an absolute sickness with us. Gene Simmons was our GOD . . . at that time. I remember back in I think 76’ or 77’, KISS was playing three s...

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