April 23, 2015




Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise---professional wrestling is a self-serving business, as is just about any other business out there that any of us have ever been associated with. Since the focus is on MONEY, and always on MONEY--- despite the fact that Jesus told us that we can’t serve two masters—him and money---the game becomes about me, myself and I, as we look to always self-promote, and position ourselves to be “above”, or “better” than everybody else we are working “with”.


But, who’s kidding who? We aren’t working “with” anybody; we are all working for ourselves, thinking about ourselves, thinking we are more important than everybody and anybody that we cross paths with on a daily basis. We put ourselves first, without even thinking twice about it, and that doesn’t just include strangers, or co-worke...

April 13, 2015


This past week at the world renown music event Coachella, Madonna made a surprise appearance during a Drake set, and after singing a few songs, she unexpectedly laid a lip-lock on the rapper, who didn’t seem to be prepared for the “treat”. After the three-second mouth-to-mouth excursion, Drake seemed to have naturally reacted by wiping his mouth with disgust, telling the world that the experience . . . was not what it would have been say . . . 30 years ago.


Madonna has to stop. She is freakin’ embarrassing herself. At 56 years-old, she is TWICE the age of 28 year-old Drake. In an effort to take advantage of the moment, by being at an event that she had no business being at due to her irrelevance, and being on stage with a young talent that she had no business performing with---again due to her irrelevance---she took advantage of a...

April 10, 2015


Season Five of HBO’s Game of Thrones debuts this Sunday night.  Just in case you haven’t engrossed yourself in the land of Westeros, here are five reasons why you should order HBO and catch up on the first forty episodes before watching the season premiere of this outstanding fantasy drama:


1) AMAZING YOUNG ACTORS – By the time you reach the end of season four, most of the show’s child actors have grown into adults and you start to take their talent for granted.  However when the show began filming, these were the ages of some of the show’s major stars: Maisie Williams (13), Sophie Turner (14), Jack Gleeson (18), Issac Hempstead Wright (11).  The producers and casting director hit homeruns on all of these performers, and it is remarkable how well all the young actors perform on such an adult oriented show.  I never thought I would...

April 1, 2015


Today on Vince Russo’s premiere episode of, Who’s on First---Fantasy Baseball, the former professional wrestling writer/producer/performer, brings on FBB veteran and legend, “Irish” Pat Kenny, known to those familiar with the rings of wrestling as “Simon Diamond”.

Russo and Kenney go over in detail their draft that took place just last night in the very competitive league, Vinnie Roo’s All-Stars, that also includes players Tommy Dreamer and Matt Stryker.


Click HERE to listen!  Coming soon to iTunes!

March 31, 2015


Looking back, I know I was a bit “stiff” on the WWE Hall of Fame yesterday, but I’m not here to apologize because I meant every word I said. I’m just not into self-glorification, and picking and choosing who you’re going to celebrate, and who you’re going to destroy. Not into it. We are all unique, individuals, who God created specially. That’s the way I feel, and I’m not at all backtracking on anything I said.


One thing that I forget to even mention in my rant---because I was running out of steam---was the fact that NO ONE behind the scenes was mentioned. Not one soul. Trust me, I know first hand, if it weren’t for all those men and women working their butts off DAILY at the WWE---there would be NO Hall of Fame, or, Hall of Famers. Not even a thank you.


My words about Connor were clear. If you want to misconstrue them, and twist...

March 26, 2015


I love Bates Motel.  A&E’s Psycho prequel is addicting, well-written, and brilliantly acted.  Being a fan of the films I was a bit skeptical that this project would work in this era, but my fears quickly subsided when the pilot episode aired.   Two years later I now find that this is one of my favorite shows on TV.  Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore are killing it each episode as Norma and Norman Bates respectively, and coupled with the fact that the house and motel are close to exact replicas from the films, I would find it hard to believe that any Psycho fan would not enjoy this show.



My only criticism at this point is that I believe the character of Norman is being desensitized based on the writing of all the other characters on the show.  Fans of the films know that Norman will grow up to murder his mother, and...

March 25, 2015


I can’t even imagine being a grown adult and sitting behind my keyboard and spewing out words of ugliness, hatred, filthiness and STANK to people who I don’t even know on twitter---especially if those people are in the public eye. Don’t understand that, and never will. What is it? Is it a feeling of power, or superiority to sit back and attack someone through a computer screen knowing that there are no consequences to pay, other than to be BLOCKED the second your words hit the screen? What’s in it for these people, honestly? What’s the payoff---satisfaction?


For years I didn’t want to have anything to do with social media, for the exact reasons I’m typing about here. I know there are droves of people out there who “personally” hate me over one meaningless wrestling angle, or another, but to actually have to hear, and deal with tho...

March 24, 2015

I swear I wasn’t planning on blogging.


Today, already going up on RELM’s temporary site, vincerussobrand.com, there was a great piece by Jeff Lane, and an entertaining piece of business from my trip to Lucha Underground last month. Nothing to do with laziness, I just didn’t want anything to get lost in the shuffle.


But, after watching the season premiere of Teen Mom last night, I went over and caught the last minute of RAW. Honestly, having been there and done that, I can’t even put into words what an absolute S*** SANDWICH the ending of that show was, leading into their biggest event of the year.


All I could think about was Ed and I, sitting in my house a week before Mania, and agonizing over every, little detail of the go-home show, assuring that it could be as picture perfect as possible. The two of us, going back and forth, ma...

March 19, 2015


I’m not going to sugar-coat anything . . . life has been tough the last two-and-a-half weeks. And, even though I’m thankful that the valley was business related and nothing more . . . the hole was still quite deep and black. And, it’s times like these that my 32 year battle with depression just really kicks it. Moments, and times in my life that just make me want to flat quit. Take of my wrestling boots in the middle of the ring . . . and walk away.


And, how easy would that be? Just embrace the pity party and let yourself fall further and further into your own misery. Stay inside . . . in bed even . . . and just sleep the days away. That’s my knee-jerk . . . that’s what I prefer to do. Thankfully, at 54 years-old I now fully understand that wasn’t what I was MADE to do. God created me for this? Really? Would a man of his stature w...

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