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April 13, 2015


This past week at the world renown music event Coachella, Madonna made a surprise appearance during a Drake set, and after singing a few songs, she unexpectedly laid a lip-lock on the rapper, who didn’t seem to be prepared for the “treat”. After the three-second mouth-to-mouth excursion, Drake seemed to have naturally reacted by wiping his mouth with disgust, telling the world that the experience . . . was not what it would have been say . . . 30 years ago.


Madonna has to stop. She is freakin’ embarrassing herself. At 56 years-old, she is TWICE the age of 28 year-old Drake. In an effort to take advantage of the moment, by being at an event that she had no business being at due to her irrelevance, and being on stage with a young talent that she had no business performing with---again due to her irrelevance---she took advantage of a situation much the same way she did at the MTV Music Video Awards 12 years ago when at 44, she tongue-twirled with both Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, who where then . . . half her age. OK---hat least that had some merit to it being that it was shocking, and it was girl-on-girl action, but twelve years later . . . with a dude who is young enough to be her son . . . grandson even . . . not so much. AND---has had RHIANNA TO BOOT!!!


I’ve written about this before when Madge did an S & M photo shoot with Katie Perry, who again, is half the Material Girl’s age. OK, we get it---hang with the in-crowd, due “shocking” things, stay relevant---but at what point do these acts of desperation backfire? I’ll tell you---LAST NIGHT AT COACHELLA! Maybe now, with Drake’s natural reaction, Madonna will stop her immature and adolescent ways and grow the !@#$% up. It’s Ok to be old, trust me---here---doing that. But, at my age, when I’m around female wrestling Knockouts in their twenties, I feel much more comfortable being the guy telling them the stories that happened “in my day”. There is nothing wrong with that---with age comes wisdom, and with wisdom, you become WISE.


Just don’t understand Madonna’s point. She’s made enough money in her life time to pass her fortune down to the next 10 generations of those lucky enough to share her DNA in some capacity, why at FIFTY-SIX is she sexually assaulting a TWENTY-EIGHT year-old . . . in PUBLIC no less. Man, I’ll just never understand having that type of an ego---never. Madonna, in her own warped mind likes to chalk things up to “art”? There’s no “art” in acting foolish at an old age---none---just simple, plain old, desperation. Man, what could her kids be thinking when they see that. “Mommy’s so cool! She just shoved her tongue down Drake’s throat and he acted like he wanted to puke all over himself. What an artist that mom is!!!”


MADONNA---STOP ALREADY---ENOUGH! You are just a few years away from wanting people to remember your “legacy”, what you did as a performer that people will most remember---and that’s PERFORMER, not ARTIST. That’s good enough---do you at all realize what a charmed and blessed life you have led? Leave it at that---all good---all OK.


Think about it, please, nobody needs to see you dry hump Harry Styles at this years’ Grammys!!!

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THE BILL DEMOTT EXPERIENCE: “Turning Point” w/ Former WCW / ECW Star –Chris “Crowbar” Ford

March 24, 2016

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