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June 3, 2015

Some of the men in professional wrestling need to stop acting like children.  


This person has heat with that person.  You hear it daily, whether it comes from dirt sheets or wrestlers’ own Twitter accounts.  It is one thing to tweet a promo to promote an upcoming match, but it is completely different when you bury people daily just because of creative differences, philosophy, or a misunderstanding - and misunderstandings are where a lot of this crap comes from.  It could be fixed with one simple conversation, but instead, the wrestlers involved would rather hate each other for an extraordinarily long amount of time.


Some guys won’t get booked, or turn down bookings, if there is another wrestler on the show that he has heat with.  Others will not associate with ANYONE who is in good standing with the person they hate.  You actually have to pick a side as if it were a schoolyard fight.  It’s like heat travels by osmosis in professional wrestling.  


The majority of the stuff is childish.  I worked with a wrestler once who, while watching an episode of Monday Night Raw, stormed out of the house we were in and didn’t talk to me or a buddy of mine for a month because we had a different philosophy on the psychology involved with a spot that Matt Hardy did in a cage match.  I believe his exact words were “you guys are just writers who don’t understand wrestling.”  Two months of silence because of that.  We didn’t insult him.  We didn’t steal his girlfriend.  We didn’t rough him up in an alley.  We just disagreed on a pro wrestling match.


There are well known wrestlers that I have worked with that flat out ignore me.  I have reached out to some in emails, Twitter, or through common connections and I get no reply.  Why?  I probably have heat with them.  I couldn’t tell you what it is for, since I never disrespected anyone or “wronged” anyone the entire time I was in the business.  Either I was involved in some juicy gossip, or it is a giant misunderstanding.  Perhaps even I associate myself with people they don’t like.  I will probably never know the real reason, but I guarantee it is juvenile.


Kevin Owens blocked Vince on Twitter.  Why, because he criticized WWE’s presentation of HIS CHARACTER?  Isn’t that a bit silly?  Or was it because idiot fans that misinterpret things tweeted Kevin that “Vince Russo hates you” and he believed it?  Again, silly wrestling heat.


The women in wrestling don’t act this way.  Besides a brief Sunny/Ashley Twitter war, I’ve never seen them act anything but professional.  This seems to be a problem that is specifically a male issue in wrestling.  

I wish everyone would just grow up and quit with the heat.  It really is ridiculous.


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THE BILL DEMOTT EXPERIENCE: “Turning Point” w/ Former WCW / ECW Star –Chris “Crowbar” Ford

March 24, 2016

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