September 17, 2015

Last night on WWE Raw Nikki Bella officially beat AJ Lee’s record and became the longest reigning Divas champion of all time, holding the title for 296 days (as of today). This morning I’ve come across lots of hate and distain for Nikki Bella all over the internet. Apparently many wrestling fans on the internet were unhappy with Nikki retaining and surpassing AJ’s record of 295 days as champion. Many people use the argument that she isn’t a good in-ring worker therefore she does not deserve to hold the belt for as long as she did. People hate on the Bellas in general and often call them untalented, even insinuating that they are where they are purely because of who they are dating. I believe that’s a load of bull that couldn’t be further from the truth.


When it comes to pro wrestling, there are many factors that are important in cr...

June 23, 2015

Last night to my utter dismay I found out that Samuel Shaw and TNA Wrestling have parted ways. Here I am a day later upset and still confused as to why. Sam may not have been the most popular guy on the roster, but I couldn't wait to see him when he was on TV. There was something intriguing about his character, a genuine "creepiness" if you will. He would come out to very eerie music, his walk, the look in his eyes, the crawl into the ring, his facial expressions! the guy truly got it. His attire was very reminiscent to that of Showtime's Dexter, more specifically Dexter's kill clothes which made me ever so more interested. Being that I'm a huge Dexter MARK I couldn't wait to see what they would do with Samuel Shaw's character going forward.


Keep in mind that Sam Shaw won Gut Check back in 2012. He came in dressed as an athletic su...

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